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Up North Kids Makeup Portraits

These are long overdue. In fact, as much as 4-5 months for Lorenzo.  We never did get Lorenzo’s 2 year old pictures in back in March 2016. It kept getting pushed off radar, forgotten, etc. There never is a good time right?  Giuliana was long over due as well.  So we managed to bundle these in with our short family vacation up north.   Found a place by the river that worked for what we needed. Ironically enough, we still didnt get to capture enough of Lorenzo because “he just wasn’t having it“. Oh well, guess time to schedule another one.  Thanks to Dominic and Giuliana who were willing to cooperate. Giuliana loves to pose and I could shoot her all day looonnng…   (Giulina 4 1/2,  Lorenzo 2 1/2, Dominic 7)

Patricia Billiau - July 8, 2016 - 3:36 pm

Amazing pictures as usual!!!

Giuliana First Dance Recital

June 17, 2016 the night of Giuliana’s first dance recital.  She’s been in practice for a few months now.  Mom takes her every thursday to practice and the girls do their thing.  I hear about it all the time, but I never got the chance to see practices, only in video.  She was so excited on that night and both grandma’s and grandpa’s were there.  It was a great performance by our little girl.

Congratulations Giuliana, we are so proud of you!


Happy 2nd Birthday Lorenzo!

First think you may notice is the smashed looking cake.  Well, we did celebrate Giuliana’s & Lorenzo’s birthday together this year, so we decided to save some of that cake and freeze it.  We then pulled it out on his birthday, sorry L!  Regardless, Lorenzo is 2 now and he is so excited for his special day.  When he woke up, we said Happy Birthday and he kept screaming “yea yea”!  He has such the personality.  He is the boyest of boys at 2 thats for sure.

We love you so much son.  Happy 2nd birthday, don’t grow up so fast!




Happy 4th Birthday Giuliana!

I’m a little late this year.  We did something different this time and celebrated Lorenzo & Giuliana’s birthday together in March.  This probably wont happen too often, but it did seem to throw me off a bit.  We celebrated each of their days independently with just us, but together with all the family.  Giuliana this year made her own cake with mom, it was quite an event.  She did a fantastic job.

I can’t believe how fast you are growing up baby girl.  We love you so much, happy 4th birthday to our feisty princess!